Having an overall workforce plan, not matter how big or small you are, that fits into the purpose of what your business is about and the aims of the business plan is vital.  Without a long term plan, you can end up with a mismatch between the business plan and the workforce.

Review your current staff … are many of them older with no younger colleagues?  If so, does this make planning for promotion or replacing retiring/resigning staff more difficult?  Have many of them been with you for a long time and are just coasting?  How can you challenge them to get the most out of them?  Can any of them take on the role of the newly resigned person?

Are you too operationally heavy without enough strategic people?  Or vice versa which may lead to conflicting visions and ultimately nothing getting done so no growth.

You may need to think about reconfiguring your workforce to have different skills or be organised in different ways.  When someone leaves your Company, avoid the knee jerk reaction to recruit an identikit person!  Take a step back.  Think about your needs.  Can the job be split between other employees that will allow you to recruit someone who brings a different dimension to your business?  Can any of the elements of that job be automated to save on recruitment costs?  Would it be more cost effective to source a Consultant to work in peak times?

Your workforce plan is critical and if you would like a fresh pair of eyes to review your current staffing, please do give us a shout!

  • We have used the services of HRall for many years. Julia and her team have proven to be experts and an invaluable resource to our business. They have supported us on a number difficult issues, as well as providing day to day support. I would highly recommend HRall, for any HR related needs.

    Mike Wilson, MD Smart Storage Ltd

  • We were with Peninsula, but moved to HRall as we wanted a more personal approach with no tie-ins. We save £4k each year using HRall over Peninsula. We love that HRall is local, flexible and offers sensible, pragmatic advice.

    Senate (Mech) Ltd

  • We approached several HR consultancies with an extremely sensitive and complex case, HRall were the only ones willing to assist. They bought a sensible, no nonsense approach to proceedings. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

    Alan Preston, Eurofoods

  • "We had always managed our HR in house which had proven time consuming and difficult. We recently made a decision to seek qualified and professional assistance. Since working with HRall, there has been a massive difference and I would definitely recommend their services if you require support with your HR structures."

    Jamie Ogilvie - Director - Wired Aerial Theatre.

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