A simple enough question, but one that so many people get wrong … and particularly recruitment agencies!

Recruitment is not just about attracting people to apply for your vacancies, it goes way beyond that and is in fact about find the right people that will help your business grow and add value.

Therefore making sure your selection process is effective is the start of getting the best people on board – people who are also more likely to stay.  Have a consistent approach and consider the introduction of group assessments and interviews not just based on past experience but on values.

Recruitment can often be time consuming and resource heavy, however if the recruitment fails to find the right person and prepare them for sustainable employment, the costs are far higher.  Therefore it is important that you dedicate time to this process and plan, plan, plan.

Plan exactly how their first day, week, month and year are going to look like … what the key targets are, support required and your time needed to make them successful.  Typically a new employee starts full of expectation and enthusiasm, but by week 2 this tends to dip as they don’t know what they don’t know and without someone to turn to, to get them back on track, the relationship could be doomed from then on.

Good systems, planning and commitment to the process leads to good retention rates.

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    Mike Wilson, MD Smart Storage Ltd

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    Jamie Ogilvie - Director - Wired Aerial Theatre.

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